• 5th May 2015

Just BB Guns new banners

Just BB Guns new banners

Just BB Guns new banners 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Just BB Guns new banners are amazing; 79DESIGN built the brand new system only recently.  They are one of our high profile clients, and they have a new video and banners.  They are the leading UK retailers in all things Airsoft, and regularly have their web site updated with new content for administrators, and new, leading edge designs for consumers to help find the products they want, faster, and in a better way.

We have recently updated their menus, category pages, and much of its admin functionality. But it’s Just BB Guns new banners system to aid in their ability to tell it’s customers the latest products on the web site.

This new system incorporates a YouTube video embedding system; one that changes responsively to mobile devices.  A huge amount of their customers come from mobile smartphones, and like all web sites these days, they rely on their web site looks just as wonderful and smart on a phone, as it does on a PC.

They have just recently updated their main video, and the we thought we would share it with you.

Just BB Guns also have a new homepage video


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