• 8th December 2023

Benjamin Zephaniah – by Trish

Benjamin Zephaniah – by Trish

Benjamin Zephaniah – by Trish 800 800 79DESIGN Ltd

Our client and friend Trish, from Mums Gone To, wrote this about the late Benjamin Zephaniah.  He was very local to us here in Spalding, so we thought we’d share it with you.  Over to Trish..

Such sad news about Benjamin Zephaniah. I don’t think I’ve read anything but glowing tributes to this very cool guy.

I’d always known he lived in Moulton Chapel but hadn’t seen him in person until he gave a talk for the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society a few years ago. He talked about his upbringing and poetry and was just a genuinely nice man.

Benjamin Zephaniah

In October 2019 he visited the Holbeach Bookshop to celebrate its first birthday (I thought it was the official opening but just realised today it was a year later). He gave an impromptu speech including a couple of his poems and chatted to the small group who had gathered into this tiny bookshop to meet him. I can’t remember what he said to me!

He later sent signed copies of his autobiography to the shop so I was able to buy one.

The only other time I saw him was in Holbeach Wholefoods. I think he must have been a very regular customer as the staff seemed to know him very well.  He was a vegan so that would make sense that he enjoyed shopping there.

I haven’t really got much to add but I’ve added the photo I took in October 2019 in case you want to use it. I can’t find the original in a bigger file size but hopefully the Facebook version won’t be too fuzzy.

Best wishes

Trish, Mums Gone To

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