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uk wordpress training
Training you for your website 1024 596 79DESIGN Ltd

Training you for your website

You have a website and it’s built with Wordpress.  If you don’t, then perhaps this article isn’t for you. Oh you do have one – great, read on … do you know how to use it effectively?  Have you seen…

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wordpress agency websites
What is a WordPress website? 950 585 79DESIGN Ltd

What is a WordPress website?

When we meet with potential new clients, or even existing clients, we do get asked the question: “What is a Wordpress website?”. Telling them it’s used by over 20% of the World’s websites isn’t really enough – that’s just a…

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semi commerce stores
What’s a Semi-Commerce website? 1000 571 79DESIGN Ltd

What’s a Semi-Commerce website?

We have had enquiries where a client wants a website with no Buy Now button, but an Enquiry Here button.  The customer can’t buy directly on the website – but they can contact the website about the product. Here are…

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wordpress uk traffic 17m
Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites 900 600 79DESIGN Ltd

Huge hits for WordPress Agency Sites

We have just started work for a magazine company in North Lincolnshire.  They get a lot of traffic to their website, and it made us think – what is the total amount of hits we get on all our websites.  We…

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10 anniversary balloons
Ten Years of Websites 1000 776 79DESIGN Ltd

Ten Years of Websites

There are dates we all have in our diaries, from birthdays to upcoming events.  But some do pass you by.  One such date has almost passed us by – the date 79DESIGN was created.  The “inception” date.  Today is our 10th…

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creating pages wordpress training
What happens during WordPress Training? 1000 683 79DESIGN Ltd

What happens during WordPress Training?

We get enquiries each month about our Wordpress Training services; asking about what we can train.   If there are fixed courses, can we do one or one, or just groups (with a minimum). So we thought we would answer a…

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Lottery Heritage Website Project 850 531 79DESIGN Ltd

Lottery Heritage Website Project

For quite a number of years we have looked after a website for a local Lincolnshire church.  It’s not a grand cathedral, but a small local church that has quite a history.  It was in fact one of our early…

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uptime monitoring
Do you know when your site is down? 900 526 79DESIGN Ltd

Do you know when your site is down?

Here at 79DESIGN we occasionally get reports from clients that their website might have issues.  Be it because of their domain having expired, or ever that they ran an update on their site, and it crashed it – making it…

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