• 29th July 2019

What happens during WordPress Training?

What happens during WordPress Training?

What happens during WordPress Training? 1000 683 79DESIGN Ltd

We get enquiries each month about our WordPress Training services; asking about what we can train.   If there are fixed courses, can we do one or one, or just groups (with a minimum).

So we thought we would answer a few of these questions here, to allay any worries you might have; including the costs involved, as that isn’t too easy to calculate for all concerned on a page.

wordpress training on devicesWhat can we train in WordPress?

This is a broad spectrum, and there is practically nothing we cannot train within the WP Platform.  The limits are at the point of “designing a website”, to put a label on it.  So if you want a new theme, and to learn how to use it and develop it – this goes a little beyond standard training as it consumes so much time, it would be better for us to build a website for you.

We can teach you about the fundamental parts of WordPress, including Posts and Pages, the key differences (not obvious to everyone), how to add media, embed videos, even audio like with Soundcloud, and even galleries.

Some WP themes have Gallery elements that make it easy, but if not, there are other ways to create a gallery; we can show you how.

SEO and building a page

What about SEO?  We can show you some key steps to improve your SEO, tools that guide you, and even those that show your traffic live on your website.  Being a WordPress Developer means we can provide you with the development on your website, to learn these things,

When you build a page, you might wonder how to add it to your menu, or to add it as a Sub Menu link.  We can teach you this, as well as helping with some ‘design’ aspects of this menu.  Plus, how to see how good (or bad) it looks on a phone.

Bottom Line

We can teach you want you need to know, rather than a pre-written plan.  There is a plan, but some want to know about other areas, so we go at your pace, teaching what you need to know.  It’s not a course that you visit to attend, and 50% of it you already know.  79DESIGN only teaches what you don’t know – or improve on what you do know.

wordpress trainingOne or One or in Groups?

We are totally flexible with this.  Many just want their one person, perhaps yourself, to know how to better use WordPress.  Perfect.  Let’s come visit you at your office or home, or even a coffee shop, and go through it all with you.

A group or 3 or 4?   No problem, just let us know in advance.  The largest we have taught was two sessions of eight at the time.  The more there are tho, the less you tend to learn, as some are slower than others, so it can mean not everything is fitted into the time of your training.

Local Museum Training

One of our favourite Group sessions was for a Museum Society here in Spalding.  They booked a room in town, and it had a circular table.  So we were walking around and around all afternoon.  Showing how to do things, with some moving ahead.  It was a great session.

How much is it?

If we visited your town every day, it would be easy to quote, but we don’t.  We leave Spalding to visit you at your location, so if it is right here in our town, and only a few hours, it will be around £80.  But if it is somewhere such as Lincoln, there are travel costs and times involved.   So two hours in Lincoln would of course cost more.

Therefore we need to know your location so we can quote you.

How do I start?

Very easy – visit our main WordPress Training page, and fill out the form so we know where you are.  We can then see time of day you would like the training, and a rough date, and we can confirm pricing to you.  Or click the Livechat on the lower right of this screen and chat LIVE!  No salesman pressures; we don’t believe in all that.  Our support is here to help and advise and if you want the training, we are ready to go!

Just a few of our WP Training testimonials

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