• 11th July 2019

Lottery Heritage Website Project

Lottery Heritage Website Project

Lottery Heritage Website Project 850 531 79DESIGN Ltd

For quite a number of years we have looked after a website for a local Lincolnshire church.  It’s not a grand cathedral, but a small local church that has quite a history.  It was in fact one of our early websites.

We have been given a lovely guided tour, including the tower and there is a great view from the top.

Some time ago they were granted National Lottery funding for the Heritage of the church.  We are now working on a full upgrade and revamp for their website, which is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  It feels very special.

heritage lottery fund websites

Lottery Heritage Website

We have many aspects to this project which began quite a while ago, including new photographs, scans of their leaflets, and Transcripts which were discovered, and are possibly incredibly old.  All of these Transcripts will be available to view online in great detail.  The Lottery Heritage funding sourced these documents, and now they will be available online, to view for free.  They have some super-high resolution versions, which may be available on request.  More news on that another time.

Heritage Funding for websites

At 79DESIGN we are very proud to be working with the church, and to be funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and respect what they do for the UK and for heritage sites.  They use their Heritage Funding wisely.  They have had new featured installed in the Church, including a Servery, Toilet Facilities for all, and many other internal and external upgrades.

Many of theses will be on the website soon, at which point we will post a link to their website.


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