• 4th January 2016

Webmail and Domain Email

Webmail and Domain Email

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So you have a website (or perhaps you don’t), something like www.fredsbestplumbing.co.uk, and yet on the business cards or side of your van, you promote fredbloggs@gmail.co.uk – so you don’t have a webmail and domain email account, from which you can access your business emails.  Your emails are not promoted through your company web site domain, but through a standard “generic” account.

Customers are emailing a “generic” Gmail email account rather than a more business-like fred@fredsbestplumbing.co.uk.  It is a real personal preference.  Some prefer to use it as it helps with spam and other issues.  But it doesn’t look that professional.  If you emailed someone from Marks and Spencers, you wouldn’t want an email back from hayley-cust-svc@hotmail.com, you’d want “customersvc@marksandspencers.com” wouldn’t you.  Just looks more genuine.

Any website design company, or hosting company NOT offering that as your email (gmail/yahoo/hotmail) is not doing their job right.

webmail and domain email

We do webmail and domain email better – far better

When you have your website created and managed by us, we ensure you have the correct type of email account, and webmail.  There are times when you have your business email kept elsewhere, and we just host your website – this is fine.  What we are talking about here is when we manage email too.

What’s webmail?

It means you can go to to access your email from any internet terminal.

With this setup you can also have it installed correctly on your mobile devices too.  So when you email your clients, they don’t see gmail or others, they see a professional email address.  It inspires far more confidence.  We will help you with the installation.

Don’t just accept Gmail or Yahoo type of email accounts with your website.  Get it done right!!  Give us a call or email us, support@79design.org.uk and let’s talk about getting your web site and domain email sorted out correctly.

Every website we create has webmail and domain email – so whatever your domain name, you can have whatever@domainname.co.uk.  It’s pretty straight forward, and we will do it for you.  We will show you how to access your emails, create all the accounts you need for you and others.

Business Email-only hosting services

We do have clients that we only host their emails for too.  They have their website elsewhere for whatever reason, but their hosting company doesn’t provide email services.  So we can in fact just host your email if you wish – visit our Business Email Hosting page for details.

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