• 8th January 2016

First week of 2016

First week of 2016

First week of 2016 1024 425 79DESIGN Ltd

Well that’s it, our first week of 2016 is complete.  It’s been one where we started out running, and haven’t stopped.

Some exciting new websites happening.  Brilliant functions, some custom tools, some simpler ones.  Learning new things, and developing to make clients happy, and with any luck, really impressed.

We do consider our service to be second to none, with speed of service, friendliness, and how we actually work.  Although we do work 9-5.30, we are generally available at most times.  And often, when we are doing something new, we try to pull out all the stops, where we can of course!

“Crikey that was quick…”

Some jobs are so straight forward that they can be done inside 5-10 mins, and we are honest to tell you that it took only that amount of time.  We believe that honesty is what makes us different to others.  When told “crikey that was quick”, it’s because the job to be done, wasn’t difficult in the slightest, and took just a few minutes.

Let’s hope 2016 continues in this positive way.  From global websites, European websites, national UK websites, and closer to home with Spalding websites.  We really are starting 2016 the way the London Fireworks did on 31 December, brilliantly, inspired, and with a bang!

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