• 16th October 2015

Stagnant websites are bad for SEO

Stagnant websites are bad for SEO

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One of the big things we are asked about is “how to I get my new web site higher on Google?”.  It’s obviously the one big thing everyone wants today.  There are countless answers.  The big issue though is stagnant websites – don’t let yours because stagnant.  One good method is with a blog.  Blogs are so important.

What do we mean by “stagnant”?

So you have a new web site.  You have Facebook, Twitter on there.  You even have a Blog on there using WordPress (we provide Blog Management services here).  And you have 5, 10, maybe 15 pages.  Those pages never need to be touched as they are what they are.  Fabulous!

However, if nothing is changing on your website, then Google (there are others of course) doesn’t seen any development, anything new on your site, and therefore others who ARE working on their site will probably rank higher.  And here’s a rather clever thing: the more you update your site with Blog entries and so on, the more regular Google will start to check it with its “crawlers”.

Many of our web sites are crawled so regularly, that one small change can be seen in search result in a matter of 24 hours, to a few days.

A brilliant – absolutely brilliant – way of doing this is with Blogging.  Writing news stories about your company, news, maybe pioneering ideas you have had, things your clients have asked you to do.  A prime example….. is what you are reading right now.  We are telling you this, about stagnant web sites, on our blog.  It’s news, it’s information.

How do I stop ours becoming stagnant websites, with your help?

Easy – let us help you with your blogging.  If you write what you want going out in the news, we will get it on your WordPress blog, on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and so on.  The more you do, the better it becomes.  And we can help you with that.  As a lawyer television advert says after all, it’s what we do.

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