• 15th October 2015

WordPress websites are cost effective

WordPress websites are cost effective

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We have written much about WordPress and what we do with it here on our 79DESIGN Blog but we thought we would explain how WordPress websites are cost effective.

Generally a custom web site is one we build, sometimes from a previous template we have written, but often from scratch.  Laying out everything just as we demonstrated in a screenshot.  Or indeed in a screenshot or layout you have asked us to produce.

This takes time, and therefore costs money.

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WordPress websites are different

Its websites are made using a core system that is pre-built.  We then find the appropriate theme – sometimes a free one, sometimes it’s a paid-for theme.  Then we spend our time fully designing and rebranding it for your business.

This also takes time – but LESS time than bespoke.  This means your web site can be up and running quicker, and costs you less money to have us build it for you.

Another popular choice for some, is Wix.  It’s free.  We have seen Wix web sites, and the “backend” that’s used to edit it, but we have found that the Search Engine Optimisation tools are cumbersome, and once live, extremely different for us to go over the code with a fine-tooth-comb to ensure things are correct.  In fact, it’s partly impossible as it’s hidden.  But in WordPress we can check everything!

Also, in WordPress SEO if something isn’t quite right (which happens a lot), then we can tweak it.  In Wix, it cannot be tweaked in the same way.

We never use Wix.  We regularly use WordPress.  And if you are after web site quickly and easily setup, but not quite sure what to do, get in touch with us.  We are here to help.

Update for 2020:  We use WordPress now for the vast majority of our websites.  It has a huge backing behind it, amazing hosting solutions, super SEO optimised and we can do so much with it, you wouldn’t believe.

We do enjoy the coding side of bespoke sites, but not as much as using WordPress to build your online brand.  With that, we can provide monthly WordPress Support packages that aids your business, and improving the service to you overall.

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