• 23rd June 2022

Page Builder Templates Headers & Footers

Page Builder Templates Headers & Footers

Page Builder Templates Headers & Footers 800 596 79DESIGN Ltd

We recently provided some support to a local lady called Laura, to help her with her WordPress website.  She had a company design it for her, but in a really bizarre way, to the point it was handed over, wholly unfinished.

The fact it was unfinished is not the point of this article, the way it was done, is the point.

WP Bakery for WordPress Header and Footer

It’s built using a Theme, and WP Bakery, which is one of our favoured Page Builders.  Easy top use.  Low RAM usage.  And much more intuitive than others.  But here’s the thing, WordPress usually has a Header (for the menu, logo etc), and a Footer (for links, contact details, perhaps logos).

wp bakery elements

WP Bakery Elements (not all versions show the same)

Standard header and footers

Most of the time, you have a “standard” header and footer that runs throughout your website.  If you browse this website, you will see what I mean.  There are subtle changes, such as a change in transparency behind the menu, or a logo switch, to work with the background, but it’s pretty much the same, as is the footer.

This website, wasn’t.  Each page (with the theme they were using) allowed you to customize the header and footer independently.  Frankly, nothing wrong in that, rather useful actually.  But what this designer had done, was on some pages, to have NO footer, on others, to have the footer as the default grey with black text, and on a few, a black footer with white text.  It wasn’t uniform at all.

header and footer locations in wordpress

The header and footer locations

The header had issues too.  The menu on some pages was the clean white heading that she wanted to adopt throughout.  But on some, it had a black menu with a search, on others it was black with no search, and a few had default white with search.  Again, not uniform.

Creative header and footer WordPress design

We love creativity and trying new ideas and things with website design.  When a theme allows you do try things out, it’s terrific.  But, when a website is handed over, “all over the place”, to use Laura’s words, it’s just a mess.  We spent some time learning about her theme, seeing how it was all laid out, and fixing it all for her.

We now look forward to working with her on her next project, which his associated with this one.

If you need help with your WordPress Website Design, if it’s been done badly, or you want it changing, do get in touch.  We are sure we can help.

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