• 17th June 2022

How to fix menu wrapping in WordPress

How to fix menu wrapping in WordPress

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Menu Wrapping is where your main menu ‘wraps’ underneath itself on slightly narrower screens.

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Like this.  Now wouldn’t it be nicer if you could adjust the settings of it to keep that “single line” of menu… up until the moment you want it to switch to the Mobile (known as Burger) Button Toggle.

The Mobile Burger Button

It is not quite as easy to do as you might think.  Much is down to your WordPress theme.  Does it have settings for it, or does it need additional CSS to force it to the right point at the right time.

Try our website on smaller screens.  You will never see it wrap!  It looks bad, it looks unprofessional.  It looks unfinished!

So how do you actually fix the problem of a WordPress Wrapping Menu?

Job one: check your theme.  Is there anything in there that can be done?  Padding around the menu.  Tho be careful not to bunch it up, as that will make it worse.

Job two: CSS.  You need a CSS Developer, like us, to go into it, and find the code that assigns the mobile menu, and tweak it to switch sooner.  It can often be that simple.  But it does cost, as it takes time to find the code, and to write it.

So check if your Menu is wrapping.  Bring the width of the screen in and see if it goes under the logo, or if the text wraps under itself in the menu.

If any of this happens with your website, get in touch with us.  You might be asking “how can a wordpress developer fix my menu wrapping?”.

How we can help your menu wrapping

  1. we need a login to your website please
  2. we check your theme to see if there are any obvious settings, such as changing of font size or padding on smaller screens
  3. we look at the coding, to see if we can override settings in Custom CSS
  4. possibly contact your theme developers.

It’s all possible at 79DESIGN.

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