• 6th March 2023

Why WordPress? It’s the best. Here’s why.

Why WordPress? It’s the best. Here’s why.

Why WordPress? It’s the best. Here’s why. 1024 499 79DESIGN Ltd

Well there’s your answer.  It’s the best for website design.  Blog post over.

Only joking, you want to know why use WordPress for websites.  In short, it is the CMS (Content Management System) used by more websites in the world, than any other.

But it’s just an “off the shelf system” right?  No.  Well it is, you do download it and install it, but that’s about as far as “off the shelf” goes here.  If you look in our Projects area, 100% of those websites are WordPress, and they all look different.  From our own, to our vast array of websites.  Out off the Shelf, tends to mean they are all the same, but that’s about as far from the truth as can be.

We could show you two wholly different websites, one being a shop and one being the UK’s biggest exam centre company, and they are both using the same system, with different code, different styling and brand, but still look equally amazing on all platforms and devices.

Many moons ago, we built websites using bespoke PHP code only, but they are extremely hard work, and frankly, they don’t have anything like the power or support for SEO, as WordPress.

Plus, if you want to change anything on the website yourself, it is so much easier in WordPress, than custom PHP, or even some other page builder websites.  There are cheaper options out there, than hiring a designer, but you don’t have the backup or support than you do with WordPress.

Some of the biggest names in the world, use WordPress.  National newspapers.  Huge technology brands.

Here are some amazing facts for you about WordPress:

  • Around 810 million websites are using WordPress as of 2023
  • This equates to roughly 43% of all websites – and growing!
  • Believe it or not over 500 websites are built using WordPress every day!  Compare that to just 60-80 for systems like Shopify and Squarespace.

We were asked just recently if we would be redesigning their website in WordPress and we said “of course”, and they did ask in a very nice way, “why”.  So we enjoyed explaining this to them, and they were “wow”, thinking best to stick to the best then.

It’s true.  According to facts you can find online, WordPress is the most used (the rest of that percentage above is split into tiny portions) Website Design platform out there.  So anyone who thinks “naaa it’s just out of the box rubbish”… is frankly either uneducated into how darn good this platform is.  Or they have been led down a dusty dark road….

One of the things we really love is comments and feedback we get, and they are always either thanking us for our support and service, or the quality of their website, and how good it looks on their devices.   This is down to WordPress – plus expertise in the field of design of course.

… well we would say that. 

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