• 21st April 2015

Mobile friendly – says Google

Mobile friendly – says Google

Mobile friendly – says Google 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

As of 21 April 2015, Google clamped down on non-mobile friendly sites, in favour of those that are fully mobile friendly.

Let us explain “mobile friendly”

Open your site in a browser.  Make the browser window narrower, and if the shape and layout of your site does not change, and just goes ‘off the page’, it is not ‘mobile-friendly’.

Look at your site on your phone, if it goes to a “m.domain.com” type of web site, it is not ‘mobile friendly’.  It’s just a mobile “version”.

Here is the article from Forbes.  If you have any concerns, drop us a line.


Update 2020: Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites are pretty normal nowadays.  At a time when there were concerns, it’s standard practice today.  We still see some websites that have mobile versions which is a failure of the website design company.  But we only do Responsive websites now, and have done for many years.

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