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Fully Responsive Websites
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Responsive Websites are a must now for all websites – this means easy navigation and readability without zooming. Text you can read easily, using a phone with one hand.  Tap the Menu, and select another page.  So easy.

We build it… properly.

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The GOOD – and the BAD….

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Care and attention to detail...always

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Mobile browsing is king
Users are growing fast

Is yours a responsive website?

Key Elements of Responsive Websites

Effortless Navigation

Easy to navigate on a PC and a phone

Multi Device Compatibility

Works great on all your devices

Google preferred

It just LOVES mobile websites!

Loads faster on phones

On 3G? No problem.

Meet Ted......

Our friend here has website issues with responsiveness…
tap the video to start playing.

The Benefit of a Responsive Website

easy to read content on pages

wonderful to use and browse on phones

images can be full screen and easy to see detail

Faults of a non-responsive website

poor customer experience on phones

forcing pinch-zoom in/out to read content

tiny and unreadable text

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