• 15th November 2019

Make that change – today

Make that change – today

Make that change – today 1024 683 79DESIGN Ltd

The new clients’ choice

New clients come our way for various reasons.  Sometimes it is a new business so they want a local company to help them with their new website.  Sometimes it is a revamp they need, so we go through what’s needed, perhaps ‘bin’ the pages that are no longer needed and come up with a more condensed website that is within their budget.

At other times, it is down to service.  They had to wait a long time for replies, or their site just doesn’t look great now and they are quoted a heck of a lot of money for something new.  But SERVICE and WEBSITE SUPPORT is key here.

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Most websites require change every now and then.  Or they have a News section on it and the owner needs a little support to do work on that area of their website.  What they want is to email in, call or even livechat and get an answer quick.  NOT to send an email on a Ticket system, and wait 2-3 days for a reply, which might not even be relevant to your query, might not be in plain English, and as such, requires many follow ups.

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We are a UK WordPress Agency, and as such, we develop WordPress websites and these are sites you can manage yourself.  We might be a local website design company in Spalding, but we work nationally.  This BONUS here is that we provide onsite training to you, or over the phone, to guide you through managing your website.  This isn’t just for Products or News, but it might be that you want to manage your own Pages too – like the gallery on a homepage, or change your opening hours on the Contact page.  We can do this for you of course, and in rapid time; but it’s nice when you can do it yourself, isn’t it.

You need the best website service and you need it now

This is why our clients comes to us, and stay with us.  They know our service is rapid.  If we may use a golfing term: it is always ‘on par’, or even a bogey! (sorry… we went there.. but it is a golfing term).

One of our new clients recently had a website go live, and we have a contact who works in the Press.  We are meeting up in a few weeks time and will be in the local county newspaper too.  It wasn’t actually planned, but it has turned out that way thanks to a generous Blogger we know.  It is really fabulous for our clients’ new business venture.

Not all design companies can arrange that!

We try to ‘pull out all the stops’ sometimes.  If we can do it, we will.  We believe this is one of the reasons why clients come to us.  Quality of service.

Don’t hesitate.  If it’s time – do it today.  Call us on 01775 894479, complete the form here , or just ping us a message on the livechat.  We’d love to to know.

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