• 5th November 2019

Website for Charities

Website for Charities

Website for Charities 800 533 79DESIGN Ltd

We create and manage websites for all sorts of businesses and organisations.  We thought about telling you how we can now help your charity with a new website, as well as our donation package too.

A Charity Website Design needs to show what you do:

  • your team
  • the work you have done
  • any social media you use
  • perhaps ‘feeds’ to those social media accounts
  • galleries
  • and much more besides.

We develop all websites to be Responsive, so they can be viewed on all devices, and look perfect on them all.  Making it easy to show your audience the valued work you do, and for them to donate if they wish, as well.  Simple, clear, concise, and friendly.

But what about Google?

All our websites are built with SEO in mind, so images are optimised, and keywords used throughout your website.  But you may need further SEO help to push and promote certain terms.  We can help with that too.

charity web design donation

And we will donate 5%

Let’s say your website costs £500.  We will bill you for £500, but we will also ask you for payment method, so we can transfer £25.00 to your charity as a donation.

charity website donationWe want to be part of your charity, helping with the website, the news (blog), perhaps with your social media as well.  To really push your story, what you offer, your establishment and the cause.

We also understand that charities are “not made of money”, so we will endeavour to ensure your quotation has this firmly in our thoughts.

wordpress agency websitesDo you want to manage your Charity’s website?

We use WordPress for most of our websites.  It’s easy to learn, and we offer training too, and of course WordPress Support packages if you need monthly assistance.  So you can edit your content, write news stories and so much more.  It’s enjoyable, Google Friendly, and very quick to learn (if you aren’t use to WordPress).

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