• 30th May 2014

Just Air Guns now on JBBG Support System

Just Air Guns now on JBBG Support System

Just Air Guns now on JBBG Support System 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Just Air Guns, part of the JBBG brand, is now operating all it’s customer support through the 79DESIGN-built JBBG Support system.

This system manages and maintains all support throughout the JBBG group of web sites, and it’s growing…. rather rapidly!

Customers are already seeing the difference, being able to close tickets, and soon able to do some other things we are developing solely for the customer’s aide in getting their point across.

This is installed 100% inhouse at 79DESIGN, and is being developed more and more as ideas from across the company come in.

If you use this system, please tell Just BB Guns what you think of it, or write to us if you use it and would like it to do more.

Update 2020: This system is now closed, but we are very proud of our bespoke website planning to make it happen.  It was a huge task at the start, but being able to add one website to this Support Tool was made very easy a month before with an upgrade.  We added new Canned Replies that were more relevant to their customer needs, and we are super proud the effect it had on their customer service.

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