• 30th May 2014

Just BB Guns USA now on JBBG Support system

Just BB Guns USA now on JBBG Support system

Just BB Guns USA now on JBBG Support system 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Just BB Guns inspired new support system is now running customer queries for the USA branch of Just BB Guns.  Like the other web sites in the JBBG Group, Just BB Guns USA now has all support routing through this amazing system, where customers and support staff can manage all areas of customer support, really easily.

No more lost emails through spam – it’s all there in place easy place.

Note (2019): Just BB Guns USA is no longer an active website.

Update (2020): when we built this addon tool for the Support website, it was a similar upgrade to their Ireland website.  This time around we knew we would be asked to made it easier to “add a website” to the tool, so we overhauled the system, to a point, so that we could just ‘create website’, enter some details, and in seconds they could add a link to their website back to the ticket system.

We look back at this tool with affection.  It was our baby.  Even though it no long runs, we still have a copy in our archives – tho not the data stores about those who wrote in.

Following the Just BB Guns USA website closing, we developed www.just-airsoftguns.com for their USA team.

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