• 23rd August 2017

HTML Training & CSS

HTML Training & CSS

HTML Training & CSS 1000 667 79DESIGN Ltd

As more and more websites are being created, people want to know how to write the basic HTML.  This is to help them understand the code, edit code, and tweak content.

There are areas within a WordPress website where one may wish to edit some code.  This could include image code, or anchor points – this may require some HTML understanding.  A HTML Trainer would be best suited to direct that person and teach them the right HTML code to write for their page.

My Child wants to learn HTML – can you help?

Absolutely – we can help.

Sometimes folks have a list of their HTML questions and want to go through them bit by bit.  We can visit and just  sit down and hear what they have to say.  Showing where they are stuck and what they are being taught at school.

Understanding CSS, is important for HTML training

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet, and it is what controls roughly 95% of the layout, sizing, colours and texture of the website.

If you don’t understand CSS and you are writing HTML, you will get into a bit of bother.  We can teach you the CSS code, from the very basic stuff, to the more advanced layer and parenting CSS techniques.

Based in Lincolnshire, and on the border with Cambridgeshire, we are in very close proximity to major roads to come and teach you HTML and CSS.

How do we train people in HTML?

We can do this in a number of ways, all of which are flexible.  Filling the gaps in their HTML knowledge.  Going through each bit step by step, face to face or online.

Some want to learn from the beginning.  For others, a learning a little more about HTML can be all that’s needed.

We have a page on our main website about HTML Training right here.  If you would like to book a session, please visit our HTML training page.

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