• 25th September 2015

How we make big tasks very easy

How we make big tasks very easy

How we make big tasks very easy 800 392 79DESIGN Ltd

We wanted to tell you about a job we performed today (25/9/15), that made a normally lengthy task for a client’s administration area much quicker: it would have taken them perhaps 2-3 days – took them instead just an hour after our work.

making the impossible big tasks very easy

We were asked if we could do something, and they were not even sure if it was possible.  They use to go to a listing of all products on the web site.  Click Edit.  Scroll down the page to the stock code.  Change the stock code.  Click update.  Then click the link to go back to the main Listing of all products…over and over.

There are several hundred of these to do across various categories.  It was partly to remove characters to enable a new “stock notification” system to work effectively.

We were asked if this could be edited from the Listing page.  We immediately thought of a method called Ajax, which enables you to click a button and it updates an element of the page, without the page “turning over”; just a simply confirmation popup.

The result of which, meant they could change the entry, hit Go.  Change the next one, hit Go… and so on.  We rang them to say it is now complete, and while on the phone for just 10 minutes, they had processed a whole category of products.  To quote Mark at the company, “this is just awesome, it was going to take me all weekend, and I’ve just done a category in 10 minutes.  It’s cheered me right up!”.

We thrive on jobs like this.  Absolutely love it.  This kind of task could only really have been done so quickly for them because it is a “custom web site“, and as such we have full control of how it operates.

Their gain; 79DESIGN’s pleasure.

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