• 24th September 2015

How important is a mobile site for Google?

How important is a mobile site for Google?

How important is a mobile site for Google? 600 515 79DESIGN Ltd

Very – that’s the answer.

Post over.  No seriously, much has been said about how important a mobile site for Google is, but it’s very very very important.  It really is.  If there is:

Site A which is not mobile friendly, and;
Site B that is mobile friendly and they are ranked generally similar;

….chances are site B will rank higher by Google.

Why?  Google sees that site B has put in the effort to make the site easier to read and navigate for customers, thus making it a “better” web site user experience.
It’s as simple as that.

Some say “so what, they can pinch and zoom into the site, they shouldn’t be so lazy”.  Lazy?  If you open a site on your computer, would you want to use your hands to expand the site to make it readable?  Probably not.  Same goes for Mobile.

mobile sites for Google – pinch to zoom is bad!

mobile site for Google

Site A on left, Site B on right

If you are reading a site in a coffee shop or on a train with a coffee, one arm on a windowsill etc, you may have only one hand free, so you are “browsing”.  It’s not easy in that case to pinch zoom anyway.  Forget it.

If your site is like that, it’s bad.  And you need to contact us right now, to let us help you.

It is simple to see if your is mobile-friendly.  Firstly find your site on Google – it will tell you in the result.  Or view your site on a phone.  If it’s tiny, and you cannot read it without zooming in, it’s not mobile friendly.

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