• 21st September 2015

WordPress and Google

WordPress and Google

WordPress and Google 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Here we talk about how important it is to have your WordPress SEO set perfectly correct, using WordPress tools, and tweaking the settings to get it right.

Getting WordPress SEO just right

So you have  blog, a WordPress Blog, and you are writing posts.  You have Media you can add, but you need to get your Keywords right.  How do you know how to do that?

Call 79DESIGN on 01775894479, and we can help you.

There are many technical terms for things, like H2 tags, Alt Tags, Meta Description and so Meta Keywords.  But the point is to get your focused key terms just and then  used on the page, and using the right code.

Trust us to fix your SEO

When you use 79DESIGN for your WordPress site and SEO, we tweak your site to ensure it’s using the right terms you want to push for advertising.  Monitoring pages and try to identify what needs changing.  Discussing with you what YOU want to see improved as well.

WordPress SEO is often overlooked – people think it will just take care of itself – but you need to tell it what to do!

Visit our Lincolnshire SEO page for more information and support.

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