• 18th January 2019

Extra Secure Website Hosting


Extra Secure Website Hosting

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Voiceover for the partially sighted

We recently had a meeting with someone about website hosting, and the security issues they had – so we thought we might give you a little extra information here about our hosting security levels.

Most website hosting provides your website designer with an FTP connection to upload your website files, custom code and other such files.  This can also be used to upload WordPress plugins or themes, when they might be too large to upload via a front end.

The problem here is that if your website has been hacked before, or you have particular concerns over website security, an FTP connection is generally ‘always open’; so if you have the Hostname, Username and Password, you can get in at anytime you want.  Great for you – great for a hacker too!!

Multi-layered FTP Security

We offer an additional website hosting package that provides an upper layer of security that locks it down.  Whether you have those details, you cannot get in without a ‘back end’ unlock process.  No hacker would ever be able to find their way to that location, as it is completely hidden.  In fact, even we have gone to connect via FTP and forgotten about it – wondering why we cannot get in.

Then there is the security of the website itself.  First priority: make it SSL!  That way anything being passed over on a form is encrypted.

Second priority, ensure it uses the latest version of WordPress, which has amazing tools to block forced entry, and block bad code.

extra secure website hosting

SQL Injection Prevention

This is a term where a hacker might add code into a form field, and submit it, hoping to get database entries out.  Our hosting and WordPress system blocks this.  It’s the modern way.  About 5 years ago, this would have been easy, but nowadays it’s the correct method to use, to block these kinds of nasties.

Then we have additional hosting tools for testing your website.  If using our additional security hosting, we have a ‘sandbox’ area on which we can test new tools. It’s a great tool, as it means we can break the site, without breaking the ‘live’ website.  We probably do this every day of the week for testing on various platforms.

Daily website backups

daily backups website hosting

This is absolutely vital.  If your site suffers a crash of some kind – not necessarily from hacking – then you need to be in safe knowledge that we can initiate a Restore from a given point.  Our backups tend to go back around two weeks.  This can be processed within 10 minutes of a request.

So you see, our website hosting packages are more than just ‘hosting’.  When your site has been vulnerable in the past, or if it gets particularly high levels of traffic, this upper level of hosting is perfect for you.  Safe, secure, backed up, strong, stable…. (ooops, political flashback!), and just a joyous experience.

All this means we provide excellent WordPress Maintenance for you and your business, with uptime monitoring and much more besides.

Contact us today about your website’s hosting requirements.

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