• 5th August 2016

Facebook Posts via your Blog

Facebook Posts via your Blog

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Many people like to use Facebook now (yes, that’s a bit of an understatement), but if you have a business website, and you ‘Blog’, you might be missing out on broadcasting it automatically to your Facebook page.

No secret to Blog’s posting to Facebook Timeline

There are no real big secrets to doing this, but when we setup a website for you, and it includes a Blog, or the website is already written using WordPress, we can install a tool that, when a Post goes live, it will go out to your Facebook (and Twitter etc) straight away, along with the main photo you assigned to the Post.  One small bit of disclaimer here though – sometimes it plays games and the photo you add, isn’t always assigned to the Post in the ‘Timeline’!  It’s funny like that.

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Facebook – driving traffic to your website

When we write your Posts with your narrative, or train you to write WordPress Posts for your blog, and your site is already connected to Facebook, we will show you how fast it has gone onto your Page’s “Timeline”.  It’s pretty much instant.

Some folks like to add Social Media Posts themselves, which is great.  But a Post from your Blog is far better, as it links back to your Blog or website, increasing traffic flow, and means people may then start to browse your website.

The same goes for Twitter, Google + and Linked In.

So let us show you how you can enable your own WordPress website (or a new one with us) to broadcast your messages from one source, to ALL sources while driving traffic back to your website.

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