• 26th July 2016

Chat about your website

Chat about your website

Chat about your website 1024 294 79DESIGN Ltd

How is your website?  You had issues with it, not happy with how it looks, or getting no response from those who did it for you?  Maybe you need to have a chat about your website, with us.

Many don’t like to phone, as they just want to type in their questions and have someone instantly reply back, a little like Whatsapp, Viber or even Text Messaging; this is why we have Livechat.

Live Chat where you see this

When our support Livechat is online, just click the purple button in the lower right corner of any page, like this one…. and have a chat with us.

Tell us what concerns you have, if you have a website, or you want one and not sure of the next step, if you need help with hosting… anything like that.  We are here to help and serve you, and make your life much easier with your website.

We have in fact had websites created after purely livechat conversations, getting to know the person, and then taking plenty of information, and then that was it.

Just having a brief chat with us can really help.  Just let us know what you want to tell us, and we go from there.

Don’t hesitate, just click the link, say “hi”, and we will do our utmost to serve you.

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