• 1st June 2016

Corporate Websites – plain or really smart?

Corporate Websites – plain or really smart?

Corporate Websites – plain or really smart? 1024 386 79DESIGN Ltd

We believe all websites, including corporate websites can and should look really smart indeed.  There is no need ever for a website to be plain, boring, or have a bad layout.

We often see a website that has images over the text, or on mobile it looks really poor as it wasn’t tested.  We always test to see how a site looks on both PC and mobile.

Corporate websites really are no different, but what do we mean by “corporate”?

– solicitors website

– financial website

– independant financial advisors website

– wholesalers website

These are the sort of companies that desire a more “plain” but nice looking corporate look and feel.  Stunning imagery can really help, and these can be a photograph of the offices, the staff and so on.  We would install a Blog for your latest news stories that can be fed to your homepage.  Social Media can be all important as well.

Corporate websites needn’t be dull – they can be exciting

These systems can be configured for you to edit your own content, and should you need it, we can train you to use the system, perfectly and comfortably in your own time

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Contact our friendly support desk for help with our corporate websites.  Or click live chat in the lower right corner of this age.

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