• 18th June 2016

SEO optimizing – why is it important?

SEO optimizing – why is it important?

SEO optimizing – why is it important? 800 392 79DESIGN Ltd

One of the things we do is SEO Optimizing.  This can be done either through our custom made systems that means we can control the “tags” dynamically from one page, or page by page as is done with WordPress.  But why is it important?  Let us explain.

Sit comfortably, and we shall explain why SEO Optimizing is important

When Google and other search engines scour the web and find your website pages, it looks for certain information.  The “title tag” of the page.  The Header title of the page.  Sub Headers of the page.  And the content; checking to see if the content relates to the website page, title, and headers.

SEO ranking with suitable headers

It also checks the images.  While Google cannot generally read images, it likes to see tags in the images.  If these are missing, it’s considered “bad SEO”, because you are not letting the Search Engines “read” the images.

When we develop pages we ensure all the above are done correctly.  When we go over websites and pages that do not have these – we make sure they do.  This has a profound effect on the website, and can really help with it’s ranking on Google and co.

We work every day on current pages, new pages, and do housekeeping every week on website pages, checking their SEO is correct, tweaking it as necessary.  While we are not “copy experts” with content, we are extremely good at checking for the keywords, and while ensure they are in there, not “spamming” these keywords.

Whether it is a sheet music website like Fedora Strings, or a Wedding Photographer website like Milkwood Photography, we upgrade the WordPress SEO internally, and help improve it’s position on Google.

If you need support or help with your website’s SEO, please get in touch.


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