• 2nd September 2017

What’s in a Hashtag?

What’s in a Hashtag?

What’s in a Hashtag? 900 533 79DESIGN Ltd

You have seen it on the telly, and heard it on the radio… “this TV show is crazy…. hashtag crazyshow”.  So what is that all about?  A hash tag, or # is the way of tagging (using a tag) within social media, a particular subject or group of things.

For example, let’s say we want to promote something about WordPress and we are using Twitter and Instagram.  Once might add #wordpress #wordpresstraining.  Why?  Because of someone else searching of even “follows” the term WordPress or WordPressTraining, they will find your post.  They might then take a keen interest in your Tag, and ‘Like It’

Sounds very cool to some, and rather silly to others.

If you posted on Instagram something about what you do for a living, or what you enjoy in life, and add a Hashtag that means something to that post (or a combination of Hashtags), within seconds you could find your post being liked by people, and perhaps new followers.

Hashtag Marketing is the way ahead to find customers

While Social Media is not the ‘key’ to SEO marketing, it is very important to have it.  So using a hashtag is great for your marketing, to help promote and draw people in.

If you walked past a shop and you loved Starbucks Coffee, and someone outside the store was holding up a banner, or shouting “come get a free Starbucks Coffee”, you might be inclined to go in and try some…. and look around.  Hey, you’ve been hooked in.  Simple as that.

TV Shows using Hashtags as well.  Quite often you will see in the bottom left corner of the screen, #show-title.  So that for people looking on Instagram or Twitter following a programme’s reviews and comments, it’s made very simple.

So don’t be shy.  Post on Twitter and Instagram, Hashtag what you are on about, use 1, use 10, or as many as you like that are relevant, and see what people hook-in and follow you to enjoy your posts.  It does get a little addictive, but it’s also wonderful for your clients.

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