• 31st December 2018

Outsource your Social Media Marketing

Outsource your Social Media Marketing

Outsource your Social Media Marketing 700 393 79DESIGN Ltd

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Could this New Year be the one we do many things – many great things.  Making big decisions.  Many involving our personal lives from fitness to changes at home.  But some may well involve your business – time to improve your business’s online strategy.

Online Social Media Strategy

Your website might need work, but what about your Social Mediait’s a big part of your Digital Marketing.  Getting news and posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, is all part of a great business strategy to develop and grow!

It’s rather easy to quickly do a post to Facebook or open Twitter on one’s phone and post something.  Take a photo and send it on Instagram.  But to do this multiple times across multiple networks – or to post to all networks at one time is an ‘ideal world’ scenario that we make possible.

We have the tools to enable your outsourced social media marketing post to multiple accounts quickly and effectively, to all the channels – and with the most fabulous support too.

outsourced social media


We can look after all these Social Media channels for you, developing their appearance, and connecting them with your website too, if you are using a WordPress website.

With Facebook we can develop the cover photo and avatar.  Update your Page settings to improve connectivity with your website, and link a WordPress Blog, so that news automatically posts to your Facebook Page.  This helps with ‘ping backs’ to your website, attracting new visitors who follow you online.

We also have the means to post to Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter, rapidly, with links and images.  Though we must add that Instagram now blocks links within message – no, we don’t know why either!  We can support all these channels for you, as well as YouTube.  While this is not ‘social media’ as one thinks about it, it can be used in such a way, promoting videos on your channels, so people can visit your videos – which we can help with as well.

There is so much we can do for you – let’s make 2019 just amazing.

celebrate 2019 with outsourced social media

Contact us on 01775 894479, or live chat to discuss your social media needs.

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