• 20th March 2018

How well is your website performing?

How well is your website performing?

How well is your website performing? 1024 456 79DESIGN Ltd

A website that isn’t performing so well can be destructive to a business, or at the very least, put the business in a “bad light”.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. customers see your website and turn away as it looks poor
  2. on a mobile device, your website’s text is too small to read
  3. the menu or contact form is too small to tap on to use
  4. unlisted on Google’s first few pages
  5. content jumps about thru poor animation

All these issues can be so bad for your website.  This is where we can step in to help you.

modern website audit

How can we help you with your website?

We take your website address and have a professional, keen-eye look at your website.  Not just a quick browse but a full look through the coding to understand if your SEO is setup correctly, image setup, and the whole structure of your website.

Sometimes your website audit isn’t to do with the SEO, but more the design and feel of the website.  It might be in a poor state, and ‘old fashioned’ by today’s standards.  We can completely redesign the website, with the same content or perhaps with brand new content to really bring your website up to date.

Often the current website hosting package, or service isn’t even up to scratch for you – we can help there as well.

There really is so much we can do to make your website ownership a more superior experience.

Please visit our Website Audit page for more information, and take that next step to having a better website, managed better, working on all devices, with the finest local support.

If you just need better website hosting, visit our page for more details, and begin the journey to an improved service.

Your local Lincolnshire Web Designer will do their best to make your business look perfect again.

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