• 22nd February 2018

This is Your Life – Jimmy Cricket

This is Your Life – Jimmy Cricket

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One of our great friends and clients, Jimmy Cricket, has had quite some career.  He was pretty much the Michael McIntyre of his day.  Always on the television, to the point that the BBC did a ‘This is Your Life’ on him.

We have the pleasure of looking after his website.  His wife, May, asked us if we could get the BBC show of him, online.  Then he could show his fans this very special moment in his life.

It’s recently gone live – you can visit it here: https://www.jimmycricket.co.uk/this-is-your-life/.

It features many of the stars of the day, including Jim Bowen and Mick Millar, but also his wife of many years, May, with whom we are in regular contact.  In fact we enjoyed a lovely Christmas Dinner with them both just before Christmas last year (2017), as well as other friends of his in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

We hope those who recall Jimmy, and still have a fondness for him today and perhaps still see him live (he still tours, mostly in the Blackpool area), will get a kick out of this rare piece of footage.  We would like to thank May for emailing us the video, so we can prepare it for his website.

It’s on Jimmy’s YouTube channel, where you can see other video footage we have prepared for him.

You can also follow Jimmy online through is Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/jimmy__cricket.

We had a very nice message back from Jimmy:

Thank you for doing such a good job firstly on the ‘Jimmy’s Cricket team’ radio shows and latterly on the ‘This is your life’ programme. Your technical knowhow and ingenuity has raised our website on to another level.

Best Wishes


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