• 26th September 2016

Bespoke website, bespoke packages to suit you

Bespoke website, bespoke packages to suit you

Bespoke website, bespoke packages to suit you 1024 332 79DESIGN Ltd

How much is a website?  For very clear and understandable reasons, we are regularly asked this question.  Our websites are all bespoke, so the costs are based on what you require from a website – a bespoke website.

You might want a website setup with just 5-10 pages, but you don’t want to manage it.  You want to send us menus, or documents and photos to add to the website on a regular basis.  You might want us to look after your Facebook and/or Twitter, responding to customers for you.  Posting updates and news for you.

Bespoke packages for a bespoke website

We can do all this – 79DESIGN can create a bespoke support package that includes hosting, social media management, and website support, all fully custom to your needs.

There is no fixed cost.  We look at your requirements and create your package.

number one web designer in south holland

79DESIGN is the number one ranked website design company in Spalding, and this is something of which we are extremely proud, and we want to help others become the best here in town, and hopefully throughout the UK.

We like to suit the setup costs, and monthly installment and support costs to your budget, and website needs.

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