• 6th October 2016

Your Website Questions Answered – new FAQ Service

Your Website Questions Answered – new FAQ Service

Your Website Questions Answered – new FAQ Service 1024 511 79DESIGN Ltd

We are pleased to announce our new faq service on the website.  Like many websites, our FAQs show the questions our clients and potential clients ask us regularly, along with the answers we generally provide.

The new page is at https://www.79design.org.uk/knowledge-base is easy to use too.
A 79DESIGN key factor – ease of use! 
Just tap on the question and the answer will be revealed.

Submit your own question to FAQ Service

If you have a question that is unanswered on there, the page also has a useful function for you to submit your question to us too.  Customers can ask questions without submitting their email or details.  Just get it answered!  We regularly update the FAQ system, so we submit the question and important answer pretty quickly.  So just need to keep an eye on the page.  If a relatively new question has been answered, there is an information tag at the top to notify you.  The “New Question” badge indicates this is a relatively new one  and might be yours.

faq service - website questions

So pop over to the Knowledge Base page, and if you have a unique question and want to anonymously ask us,  enter it in the box, and send it over.  Free.  Easy.

If you need assistance with WordPress, our WordPress Support packages give you the best tailored updates, support, changes and more for your website.  We also provide a service for keeping an eye on your websites, ensuring plugins are up to date, backups and more with WordPress Maintenance.

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