• 4th October 2017

Always improving for Speed and SEO

Always improving for Speed and SEO

Always improving for Speed and SEO 1024 453 79DESIGN Ltd

We work hard on our clients’ websites to ensure the SEO is kept up to date, as new products go up and new pages.  Also ensuring that the features on pages are easy to understand and not ‘clouded’ by too much fuss.

This goes for our website too.

Website updated – new and refreshingly simple

We have since updated our website to make it cleaner and easier to find what you want.  There were too many images on there, which made it look a little bit cluttered.  So like we are in our heads (generally well structured and able to remember vast and bizarre facts at times), we have made the homepage much more structured, and cleaner.

It will also load faster, making it a far better experience for you, as there is less now to download while making the information at your fingertips much easier to read and digest.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on anything.  So should you want to get in touch, asking where something is, or general feedback, don’t hesitate.

faster websites better seo

Lincolnshire SEO friendly images – easy to read

We decided to reduce the image content, instead going for icons that represent the page, and some brief information on the page ahead.  Images take up kbs, and while they are all highly responsive, meaning they even loaded smaller versions for smaller devices, images along with text overlaid, can be a little overpowering.  This is why we have gone back to a simply format.  We hope you like it.

Do you need help improving your website, making it faster, checking its SEO and responsiveness, get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to help.

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