• 19th September 2017

A new life for World-Class Flooring Website

A new life for World-Class Flooring Website

A new life for World-Class Flooring Website 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

During the past few months we have been working closely with our partners to create and support the development of a new website for Gramablend; possibly the finest lightweight stone flooring company in the UK, perhaps in the world.

They provide lightweight stone solutions for companies including Heathrow Airport, Harrods and the Dorchester, to name just a few.

They also provide these solutions for high-end yachts and other areas.

gramablend logo

Why ‘Lightweight Stone’?

The lightweight stone used by Gramablend is essential in these environments because you cannot use standard stone that is rather heavy, in a lift, for example.  Or in a boat, where it could add tons and tons of additional weight.

It also means stone be added to walls, around clocks, sinks and of course flooring.

Gramablend is the finest in the UK for this product, and their website now reflect what they do, where they operate and plenty of information about the stone itself – including their Back-lit stone.

It’s extremely high-class stone, the highest quality, and is a solution to many big names throughout the World.

Together with our partners at Visual Shop, we have been working with Gramablend for over five years, and their website has gone through many stages of design, and upgrade.  Today we completely the latest upgrade, with amazing SEO functionality, fabulous design and using their photography of work completed, shown what they can do for their valued clients.

Their new website can be found at http://www.gramablend.co.uk.

Custom Coding

Working to develop the code

Branded Design

Meeting their brand needs

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Using our expertise throughout

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