• 9th February 2018

An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training

An Afternoon of Onsite WordPress Training

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This afternoon we provided our WordPress Training service to a local company here in Lincolnshire.  It was a great afternoon.  We met with Chloe (hi Chloe) who is a graphics specialist for this local corporation, and really knows her stuff.  But WordPress was not high on her skillset, so we were invited over there to provide support.

We had previously worked with a graduate for the company, also working on WordPress, and have since seen the website they have had made, and noticed issues.

So we are providing various services to them, along with today’s (Friday) booked training.  Having sat down and listened to understand her status with the system, we went through everything we felt was useful to them.  It’s great to hear the view on the platform, or hear the issues first hand from someone who isn’t so sure.  As something they feel is difficult or not idea how to perform, can be very simple indeed.  Just takes a guiding hand to take something thru the processes of WordPress.

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The excitement of WordPress’s capabilities

The excitement of what was possible with their photography,  making the website REALLY pop, became a reality.  We turned some sliders from a non-responsive system, to ones that will be responsive.  We could both see the enormous potential of this website, and its other company websites too.

A morning or afternoon onsite training

Our training tends to be provided in the morning or the afternoon – rarely an all day thing.  Though we have provided training to universities in split formats.  Today’s training was one-on-one for the afternoon.

If you would like Onsite WordPress Training, please visit our main training page for details.

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