Onsite WordPress Training in the UK

We come to you
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By asking us to visit for Onsite WordPress Training, you learn what it takes to run WordPress from a user point of view, at your own location.

Learn with an OnSite WordPress Training Expert

We offer Onsite WordPress Training, mostly in a one-to-one or small groups with a WordPress Trainer.

SEO is key, so we show you how to use WordPress tools to “guide” you through best practices. We also show how to use the tools to broadcast new Blog posts to your social media, in one easy click!

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Onsite UK WordPress Training

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Why is our Onsite WordPress Training different?

You book with us to visit your location: home, work or wherever.  Learn what you need to know, not a fixed course.

With other companies you book online to join a group at a location in a city.  This might be in many WP areas you already know.  You might need to take an afternoon off to attend.

Our clients find our method of Onsite WordPress Training is more convenient, concentrating into their issues rather than hours of learning what you already know.

If you need to learn how to install tools, designs, learn coding and more about WordPress, this can all be done at your location.  We have taught in the following locations:

At their desk
In their home study
Museum presentation rooms
Meeting rooms

A few important onsite WordPress Training questions answered

With a large group, such as in London, you and maybe your colleagues are spending usually a day away from work, and always being trained set things.
We train you only what you want to learn, so the costs you spend with us are concentrate into your specific requirements for WordPress.

We visit you, and as such these costs are included in the overall charges.  So if we provide two hours training in Peterborough, that will cost much less than training in Newcastle for instance..
Our charges include the hourly rate of the trainer, plus travel costs.  All these are provided when you book with us, so you can make a final decision.  Or ping us a livechat and we can often give you a quote on the spot.

We do not travel the UK all week long, as we are usually creating and developing WordPress websites.  Part of this service includes ‘going out’ to train others how to use WordPress, as well as our new clients.  So we get requests from all over the UK for a) WordPress websites, and b)  Onsite WP Training.  As such, we are unlikely to be in your area on a given day, so these charges are included in your booking costs.

Yes we can do groups.  We provided two groups of eight at a time in Lincoln not so long ago.
There is a slightly increase in costs, as it takes a lot more effort to do this, than to just go through a list of your training needs.  However, we do not charge ‘per-head’.  There is ust a slightly percentage increase when it is a group of more than three people.

Watch our brief Training Video

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