• 8th May 2020

Yes every small business needs SEO

Yes every small business needs SEO

Yes every small business needs SEO 1024 678 79DESIGN Ltd

Some people feel that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is only essential for the larger-sized companies and corporations with the big budgets, but it is just as crucial for small businesses too.

You should never overlook your website’s SEO as it can produce long-lasting benefits.

Some good reasons why SEO is necessary for small businesses:

SEO takes your website higher…. and higher

If you spend time on managing and tweaking your website’s SEO, organic traffic will be driven to your website.  Organic traffic is the links in search results that are not paid for; not the Ads.  Having a well-optimised website is one of the best marketing strategies you can use as it will bring your business more customers.

If your search engine ranking is higher, there is a better chance of customers finding your business, and of course, clicking on you!

Building your Brand Online

With more potential customers finding your business, you will build brand awareness which is ideal for small businesses, particularly very localised ones. Potential customers are more likely to trust your brand if you appear on the first page of Google – as well as Google My Business (click to open article on that)!

Gaining visibility is a great way to get your brand found for your specific products and services.

wordpress seo boostSEO encourages customers to convert

Not only will you drive more visitors to your website, but they will be specifically looking for your services for which your website is optimised.  This means that there is more chance of increasing your conversion rates – meaning, those visitor who came to see you, will want to hire you.

Optimising your website for keywords that focus on your products will attract targeted traffic. Once a user has clicked, all you need is a user experience-driven website to encourage them to convert.

mobile phone ladyA User-Friendly website is key – it’s what we do

SEO and user-experience go hand-in-hand – Google wants to see you are making it rather lovely for your customers.

Search engines are looking for fast, well-structured websites with high quality, relevant content; sounds obvious really.  Structure covers both content and the actual code of a website though.  It goes deep.

We described it to someone as: a Table is your H1, the Bowl is your H2 (you could have a few bowls) and the fruit in the bowls are all H3.

To have the bowl in the room without the table… doesn’t quite work.…. it needs structure.

Firstly, make sure to always consider your heading structure, which should appear in folder-like form.  This allows search engines like Google to understand the relevancy of each section of content. Poorly structured content will create lots of sub-paragraphs that may not appear linked to bots.

Secondly, when optimising your website, ensure its functionality across all devices to provide customers with the best possible experience.  This means that customers on a mobile device can easily access your pages through an easy-to-use navigation menu.  No Menu?  No Structure.

Essentially, if your visitors are happy, so will the search engines. Speak to any SEO and their first piece of advice will be; “try to create content for humans, readable by Google.”

SEO Gives You Optimal Insight into Your Customers

With improved SEO increasing targeted traffic to your website, you should use this to your advantage in more ways than one.

We ensure you are setup with Google Analytics, so you will be able track useful information – and with great WordPress SEO, track this directly from your website’s dashboard.  Understanding your customers and their habits better will increase small businesses ROI significantly.

Overtake Your Competition

Being a small business, it is likely that you will have some locally business with whom you are competing.

If they are optimising their websites and utilising an SEO strategy, then there is no question whether you should be too. Use search engine optimisation to level the playing field and make your business visible among the competition!

So if it’s time for a change for your business, why not contact us about our WordPress Support service, so we can take on your website, the SEO, hosting perhaps and much more.

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