• 5th May 2020

How we can assist you with WordPress

It's what you need to help you with Wordpress

How we can assist you with WordPress

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How often do you use WordPress?  Is your website built by a WordPress Website Designer but you aren’t too sure how to use it?  Do you need someone to take over your site, make updates, backups, and general improvements?  You need our WordPress Support service.  This includes supporting you in progressing with your website, and fixes and problem solving.  If you want a monthly WordPress Maintenance Package, we can offer you a service for ‘across the board’ WordPress updates.

Plugins and Updates

What about when you want to add a new Plugin, such as turning it into an online shop, or improving your blogging system?

Then there is the need to make page and content updates regularly, but you don’t have the knowledge, nor the means or urge to get it.  You need a WordPress Developer to make these changes with confidence.

Our Support for your website

For some, ‘support’ is where you give us a call or livechat, and ask us to make a change on your website.  For others, is a Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan you need, to ensure it is kept up to date, but a company who knows what they are doing.

Our Support Plans are all bespoke.  Unlike other companies who quote you a range of prices, we prefer to learn about what you need, take a look at your website, and give you a package that is tailored to your requirements.  Not a One-Size package, which might includes things you actually… don’t need.  Why bother with that?  The best choice is to get the right tools for your website – if you are using WordPress, we can use our WordPress SEO knowledge to boost your ranking.

daily backups

Wordpress Hosting & Backups

The next time you run an update on your WordPress website, think of what happens if it all goes wrong – with our support packages, it won’t!  Well… it won’t matter.

We can provide a backup service, particularly if we host the website for you.  This means if things go wrong, we can rapidly restore your website to a point just before it broke.

With Plugin updates and Theme updates, incompatibilities can cause things to go very wrong – square peg in a round hole!  But if you have our WordPress Support, or our WordPress Hosting, we can restore your site as quick as a flash.

Your website. It's your business.

Your business needs a website, one that really words for you.  One that you can perhaps edit yourself, or you employ us to manage your WordPress site and the SEO for you.  This is where our WordPress websites come into action, and our Support too.

We can build, host and provide maintenance for your website for a highly attractive price, and really make it work for your business.

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