• 5th April 2022

Why WooCommerce Brands dropdown doesn’t work

Why WooCommerce Brands dropdown doesn’t work

Why WooCommerce Brands dropdown doesn’t work 950 633 79DESIGN Ltd

Have you got a WordPress theme that has an ecommerce store, and noticed the Brands Dropdown no longer working?  Maybe the List view works in the Widget, but not the Dropdown?

Yep – it’s been noticed.  We had a few clients contact us about this, and it was an issue down to the Theme, and a conflict with WooCommerce Brands.

We ran a few tests, creating a Staging version, stripping it back to basics, but still the problem remained.  But what was the problem?

The WooCommerce Brand’s Widget dropdown not working

In short, when you click the dropdown and select a brand, it should filter what you have on screen, but that brand only.  It didn’t.  It worked as a List, where you just get a long list of names, but not as a Dropdown, which makes the page less tall.

As a list, you select the woocommerce brand and it would work.  Showing only those by that brand.  but in the Dropdown, it failed.  Nothing would work.

woocommerce brands widget

The Brands Dropdown widget from WooCommerce

The answer: customizing the Woocommerce Brands plugin ‘widget’

Customizing a Plugin is something only experts can do, else you can break it so badly.  It takes skill of a WordPress coder to know how to do it as well, but we have just such the expertise!

Our coder tapped into the Brands plugin from WooCommerce, and found the issue.  While it only caused a problem on this theme, it had to be tweaked within the Plugin’s code itself.

The result is a left side bar where the Select Brand dropdown, works!  It now filters the client’s website for consumers, who are looking for specific products, but where they want it by a specific brand.

Customising WordPress beyond the norm

We often have these things come up, sometimes as a result of a theme deficiency, or even a plugin incapability.  Right now we are looking at developing an SMS plugin that can send out texts, beyond the original settings of the plugin itself.

Today, early April, it’s in early development, but we are sure it will work, and be a big hit to our client – and their clients.

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