• 20th October 2017

Websites Project Management

Websites Project Management

Websites Project Management 1024 458 79DESIGN Ltd

One of the things we do really well for our clients, is to keep them well informed of progress of their new websites, or of their website upgrades; this is where our project management side comes into play.

While we email clients back and forth to request information, documents, images and so on to develop new tools, we also use a Project Management system called ToDoist that means we can keep our clients fully informed of jobs, and they can comment on these jobs which ‘pings’ the message to us.  It’s all stored in one central location that can be access on an App, or on a website login system.

project management on mobile phone

Project Management keeping you informed

The sole purpose of this is to keep you informed of the work you are paying us to do.  Whether it lists the tasks at hand at any one time, or us commenting on tasks, or indeed you posting a comment.  We can access these from iPhone or iPad, or through PC.  It means we can manage it all from one place, and you feel supported in even way possible, to ensure you have the best outcome, and you have a transparent view of what’s going on.

We don’t believe in the client having to wait for days for replies.  We normally reply the same day, if not within the same hour!  But using this clever project management tool, we can keep you informed even better and closer than ever before.

Listing tasks such as:

  1. adding banner script for admin updating
  2. working thru pages, admin page X taking longer than expected
  3. Facebook and Twitter to have cover photos added

This is the sort of thing we add, to which the client who we have share the item to can comment on them.

79DESIGN – keeping you well informed, project managed and easy to get hold of when you need us.

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