• 17th October 2017

Budget Websites for the Cost Conscious

Cost Conscious Online Thinking

Budget Websites for the Cost Conscious

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We are often very aware that many individuals or companies who want a website, want to spend as little as possible, to the point where a single page is enough…. at least for now.

An example of this would be, what we term as a ‘Holding Page’.  This is where there is very limited information, but enough to get started.  There is no menu.  No Blog.  But there is a lot of other information…..

A budget website holding page

These are the things that can be included in a simple holding page:

  • contact form
  • company logo
  • telephone numbers
  • key names of staff
  • potential date for full-website
  • full screen photograph in background
budget websites mobile

Even Budget Websites are responsive!

With this, we would also include hosting with the email accounts, at a competitive rate.  A budget website would take perhaps a day to make.  All we would need is your logo, and where you would like emails to go, and we begin!

The website page would still be very responsive, look great on all devices, and makes it so easy for your customers to find, and then contact you.  Promote it from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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