• 8th December 2017

Who wants a Budget Low-Cost website?

Who wants a Budget Low-Cost website?

Who wants a Budget Low-Cost website? 1000 670 79DESIGN Ltd

We do many different sorts of websites; some are small ones of 5-10 pages, others are much larger scale commerce websites.

But some just one one page.

What if I want a simple one-page budget website?

This is what we like to call a Holding Page.  It’s usually designed as an ‘intermediate’ page while a full website is being created.  However…. it’s also used as a one page site.  Not a long page – just a logo, background image or maybe a few assorted photographs about what you do.  A contact form, paragraph and some information.

Very quick and easy to setup, all within a simple account on our platform.

I need a simple website fast

This is what we can do for you – just supply us with your logo (or we can create it for an additional cost), and within a matter of hours, a one page budget website is created.  We just need to point your domain to us.

79design logoCan I update it?

Yes you can.  We provide you with a login so you can tweak the text if you wish.  Quite easy really.

How do I get a Budget One-Page website?

Real easy – just click here to visit our page for Budget Websites, provide us with a little bit of information, and away we go.

Do not hesitate – it’s really that simple. We will look after your emails, and help prevent spam too!

If you simply want a website, and you want a Lincolnshire Web Designer, visit our homepage and make a start.


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