• 26th April 2016

That’s why Mum’s Gone To 79DESIGN

That’s why Mum’s Gone To 79DESIGN

That’s why Mum’s Gone To 79DESIGN 1024 386 79DESIGN Ltd

A number of weeks ago, Trish Burgess approached us via our Live Chat system.  She has a website called Mum’s Gone To, and it use to use Blogger, the Google Blog system.  However, she was being told from all quarters of her life that it looked dated, and needs a full-on refresh.  That’s when she came to us.

She was looking for a local company here in Spalding, and very quickly and easily found us.  As you will read from this article we have scanned, she explains very nicely what happened.

mum's gone to lincs free press screenshot 79design

Working with Trish on Mum’s gone to as been a “pleasure”

It’s been our pleasure to work with Trish, much of which has in fact been in the evenings!  She was eager to move to a WordPress platform, and since we consider ourselves experts in the field, we went for it and based on feedback, we “shone”.

The import process from Blogger to WordPress wasn’t without its issues, but between us and Trish Burgess, we really crack it in a terrific way.

The images were imported; all her ‘feeds’ from social media and awards were imported as well.  The site now has much better features, and better look, and in fact the responsive nature of the design means it looks really good on a phone.

Many websites that are “responsive”… are … but are done badly.

We really appreciate and value Trish’s comments on our very own website.

The article will be on the Free Press website in the coming days, but here is the scanned copy from today’s newspaper… available in all good newsagents.

PDF Copy from Lincolnshire Free Press

To visit her website, which has been going since 2009 before we gave it her “makeover”, click here for www.mumsgoneto.co.uk.

Update: the article as of 28th April 2016 is now available on the Spalding Today website.  Here’s a link to the 79DESIGN article at Spalding Today.


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