• 27th June 2017

Just how good is WordPress for my website?

Just how good is WordPress for my website?

Just how good is WordPress for my website? 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

We work a lot with WordPress to build websites, adapting them to suit a brand, to suit the client’s requirements, and to suit our own demands and preferences.

But just how good is WordPress, what is it, and why is it a good system to use for your website?

WordPress from our point of view is a system we host, install, and build for you.  We take the core download of WordPress, install it, and begin the work to configure the design to build your WordPress Website Design for you – this is essentially what you are paying for, when you ask us to create your website.

Each page, depending on the design used, can look very different.  It can go from the highly corporate look, to a supremely whacky appearance!  We can create logins for your staff to edit content, but not add content.  Or to add as well as edit content.  From adding a Blog to post news, linking those posted news articles to your social media, and configuring all kinds of clever things to really make your website BUZZ!

A love of websites, using WordPress, for all

Whether you are a local church needing a simple website to show some wonderful photos, or you are a local health care organisation needing to show the reception, staff, and treatments, or a shop that wants to start selling online – all of this can be done really nicely with WordPress, and at a cost that most people feel is very admirable.  Every website is different, even WordPress, so there is no £x for site A and £x for site B.  We go through what you want in your site, and that calculates the time needed, as well as possible ‘additional tools’ to add to the website to make it work for you.

We have worked with other tools, such as Wix and Shopify, but we find WordPress to be the best, without any question or doubt.

  • It’s easier to manage
  • Easier to Tweak and adjust
  • Cheaper or free Addons
  • Superior performance
  • Far better support
  • Better WordPress SEO.

We looked at Wix, but found the SEO tools to be impossible to test, to ensure a site was using the codes in the right places.  Then we found the Shopify, although easy to quickly setup a shop, the design of one, and the shipping site is very cumbersome and tricky to get right.

Wordpress is a breeze, and we have used it so many times.  This is why we also offer WordPress Training to clients who need to learn about it’s basic systems, and more advanced features.

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