• 5th June 2017

Google Ads and Organic Links: The differences

Google Ads and Organic Links: The differences

Google Ads and Organic Links: The differences 150 150 79DESIGN Ltd

Most of us know what a Google Ad is: it’s the links that appear at the top of a Google Search that have the little ‘ad’ next to the link.Google Adwords

They look very similar to the other links, but they are ‘paid for’ to be up there, to try and attract you to click those before the natural ranked pages.  We are not Google Ad experts – we don’t work with Ads because we prefer to help get your website high up on Google using various proven methods.

We are happy to support our clients to do things with Ads if they are familiar with them, but those links are up there purely because they are paying to have them there.

Poorly ranked sites can be at the top

If a site ranks poorly, the owners often pay to ‘force’ them to the top, by paying per click.  We have known instances where a site made with Wix or Yell has not been created correctly.  For example, essential codes are missing.  So they instead use Adwords to push it up.  This is a smart way to push a website up.  Conversely, some don’t like to click those links as they are Adverts – paying to be there.  Or, they just want to see the ‘natural’ websites, not “clicking on an advert”.

An Organically Ranked website is better

We mention ‘other links’ above, these are the ‘organic ranked’ pages.

Google crawls the web using it’s own unique and … shall we say… special way of sorting the pages that takes priority over other search engines.  If your site ranks really well, for your specific keywords, they it appear further and further up the pages of Organic links, those that rank naturally.

Google ‘BBC’, and they “organically rank” as number one – they don’t use Google Adwords.

It’s termed ‘Organic’ because it is ranked up there naturally. Nothing artificial has been used to push it up (i.e., no Adwords).  It’s there because the administrator behind the website has worked hard to get it there.

Sometimes a website is high up, and can seem odd as to why it is there.  An old site that looks really poor for example, when compared to those below it.  This can take some time to figure out there reasoning, and months of hard work with various tricks and ideas to work with the website.

Do you need help to Organically rank high?

Drop us a line via our Contact page, or Live chat, or visit our SEO Services page, and we will see how we can help you with your website.  It might involve an overhaul of your code. Updating some missing areas, or sometimes can involve a new website – i.e., if your site is non-responsive.

We are here to help:



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