• 20th August 2015

Is yours a good web site?

Is yours a good web site?

Is yours a good web site? 1024 358 79DESIGN Ltd

We browse the internet like everybody else, and so often we see a web site that we feel “did the designers really look at that and think is it s a “good web site”, or did they think…. “that’ll do”.

We believe you should have a good web site – that’ll do.. is never good enough.

It sounds pretty easy.  But many designers have that poor attitude, specially when it comes to how it looks on a phone.  The menu button might be in an odd place, and the time not taken to make it look just right.

Angry Lady not happy with web site

We take care with the desktop, tablet and mobile version of a web site each time.  We test it.  If it doesn’t look right, we fix it until it does.

The customer experience on your web site should be a comfortable one.  Easy of access and navigation. No one should be asking “how do I get to…..?”…. “why is that right up there….?”.

If you are you are not happy, if you have been to your current designer and they are not all that forthcoming, drop us a line.

Be happy with your web site – or use someone else.


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