• 28th August 2015

Don’t hold back – keep improving web sites

Don’t hold back – keep improving web sites

Don’t hold back – keep improving web sites 1024 383 79DESIGN Ltd

We have had a busy week – one minute we are working on updating sites for Air Guns and other such items.  Then we keep improving web sites with new tools and administration areas for shooting ranges and clubs.

One of our clients had a web site that was all made with WordPress, but and decision to improve it came along.  We redeveloped it into a custom web site allowing them to add new games, new features, nice banners and videos.

Their homepage now shows when they have new events happening, with a members area, club area, and tools to create a logo for each event; such as “Halloween Night”.

Bespoke Tools

We have also used a tool we build for one of our big sites, to use on an Air Gun site so they can create Bundles of products.

If you are a collection of sets of products and you want a better deal, buying lots of different items in one go can be costly.  But they use ‘Bundles’.  So they can compile set products, and if one goes out of stock, the whole bundle is out of stock.

It’s really clever!  It’s worked brilliantly on their other sites, and in mid-September they will be able to use it again.

This is where Custom sites can be better than WordPress sites, because we have full control over the whole platform.

WordPress Websites move forward

Update 2020: For the last few years we have concentrate most of our efforts on WordPress websites, as these days you can do so much more with WordPress, from branding design to custom layouts.  The speed at which we can develop a WordPress site is far quicker than bespoke – so the costs are lower.  And we can provide ongoing WordPress Support, to keep the system up to date, and the content, images and other areas of your website super-modern and updated.