• 1st October 2018

how important is a great logo design?

how important is a great logo design?

how important is a great logo design? 1024 584 79DESIGN Ltd

Lincolnshire logo designer

When you visit a website one of the first things you notice is their logo.

Sometimes you look and think… “what is that?”, sometimes they need to be figured out.  We are more keen on logos that are instantly clear to the customer.  Whether it just uses the right style of font, or the right icon image, has a something distinctively different about it that catches the eye.  It’s very important.

When we look at a logo idea, we take the customer’s colour preferences, the style they want to portray, if they want text only or with an icon.  Everyone has their own ideas.

Logo designer and Website come hand in hand

Along with a logo comes a website too.  So it all has to tie in nicely

Designed many logos and collaborated on many

Over the years we have designed many logos, some from scratch and someone on which we have collaborated or had to reproduce.

Some we designed are for lingerie companies, delivery and courier companies and even a local church.  We also collaborated in a logo for an airsoft manufacturer brand that now sells all over the UK.  We have only recently reproduced a hi-res logo for a supermarket dip and puree brand, as the one on their website was very small, and we needed a bigger version.  This particular website will be launched in a coming months.

Sometimes we use online tools to develop logos and then customise them to be perfect for the client.   At other times we develop logos that are text only, and make them that little bit more special with selective use of fine colours, spacing and other elements to make them unique.

If you have such a requirement, to please get in touch via our Logo Designer page on this website.  Or call 01775 894479.

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