• 10th May 2017

How proficient are you with WordPress?

How proficient are you with WordPress?

How proficient are you with WordPress? 1024 576 79DESIGN Ltd

WordPress is a beast of a system.  It can do more things than you can imagine for your website.  With the right theme, it can look pretty amazing too.

But what about the basic things, what about Titles, SEO, adding a plugin, adjusting styling that doesn’t have a simple ‘front end’ method to change it?  Do you know how to add a theme, and what to look for when you have done it, to make it “yours”?

Is your host providing SSL, but you don’t know how to make your WordPress site SSL?

How about contact forms – have you added one or do you want to customise one,  or send the emails to a specific address?

Do you understand the difference between Pages and Posts?  How do add imagery to your library, and then use it effectively on your website?

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We can teach you all of this in WordPress Training, and we do it in a tailored way to your particular needs.  It’s not about “We have Course A for x, we have Course B for xx”.  You tell us what you need to learn and we will sit down with you and show you, over a period of time of your choice.

If you want various segments of times booked for your training, let’s do it.  We are here, and local in Spalding, so can come to see you in the day, or one evening.  Whatever most suits you.

Supporting your WordPress Journey

If you need WordPress Support, we offer custom made packages for every client so their website is fully supported.

Gives us a call on 01775894479, or email us on support@79design.org.uk, or even use the Livechat in the lower right corner of this screen to talk about WordPress Training in the Spalding area.

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